Aegis Software

A complete Hotel & Restaurant Manangement Software

Front Office

Manage Multiple Room Category and Rooms without any restriction

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POS Module

Classify items according to menu group, menu category and/or modifier groups

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Inventory Module

Re-order level notification from the system itself

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Finance Module

Flexible classification of account group , ledger ,sub-ledger

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Our Special Features

For your success

Real-Time Inventory

Monitor your property's inventory in real-time to reduce wastage and avoid running out of products on time. The system will automatically give a warning if any item is soon running out of stock.


Admin can monitor every transaction of business from any place in the world. The system can trace even a bottle of water effortlessly, isn't it awesome?


The system provides a one-stop solution for every activity of the hotel or restaurant through automation.

Analytics and Reporting

Get desired reports with mind-blowing data on your hands and make decisions that will help you to reduce costs and increase profits.


1. Software designed by experts from hotel industry

2. IRD improved biling system with seemless integration all over modules

3. Meets all industry requirements as well as the latest practices and technology.

4. Adopt to your business policy and not vice versa.

5. Simple implementation and user-friendly interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can AegisHMS be a savior to the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic period? May 19, 2021

Can AegisHMS be a savior to the hospitality industry in the post-pandemic period?

In the midst of a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus, businesses now are never the same as they used to be. Some businesses...

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I was having problems in managing inventory in my business.  After  knowing about AegisHMS from my business circle group, I thought of giving a try. Now, with AegisHMS, the inventory system in my hotel is effortless and scientific.  At present, I don’t have to worry if stocks are available in the main store or not. […]